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Optimo Printer Package

Integrated Barcode Tagging and Labelling

The OPTIMO Printer Package is a customised printer package designed to integrate with the Optimo System.
The Package comes with two specialised printers that print customised labels and keycards for instruments, equipment and print music. A scanner is also included.

Optimo Music Library Storage System

Secure, Effective and Convenient

The Optimo Music Library Storage System has been developed in conjunction with Australian and European manufacturers.
It is unique to Optimo and is available in two standard sizes.



The system has been designed to:

  • improve storage capacity of up to 40%
  • minimise the use of floor space
  • provide easy access with clearly labelled contents
  • durable construction with secure, lockable doors
  • available in a great range of colours

The Storage System is available in two sizes which can accommodate your print music utilising specially designed suspension files.

“We began by using up to 40 spreadsheets to manage all the activities and students and that was before we looked at the physical resources like the music library, instruments, microphones etc.
I knew there had to be a better way”.

KAPA | Knox Grammar

These unique storage cabinets are also great for storing your Performing Arts uniforms.



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