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The Importance of Setting Up Your String Instruments

If you have ever spent any time around a string repair workshop, you would no doubt have heard about
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Completed Your Degree and Feeling Like A Failure

How many of us are working in our chosen field after we graduate from our tertiary studies? The better
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Dangers of Infection

Health benefits of maintaining school instruments is now paramount  Having inspected tens of thousands of school instruments while doing
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What makes a library?

Performing Arts Library & Academic Library Why they are so different and should be kept separate by Yvonne Lang
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Maintain your sense of sustainability

The recent election in Australia has shown that climate change is one of the major concerns facing our children
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Are you getting paid for your creations?

Copyright The vexed question of copyright is one that can’t be avoided and nor should it be. Copyright is
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Good Tuning or Good Intonation?

“The first thing I do is tune the band!” That’s what most band directors do – but what does
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The True Value of Competition

Why do you compete? Is it to PROVE something to someone else? If so, you are destined to spend
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Mentoring is a unique and supportive approach used for professional and personal growth.
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Concepts – The Untapped Goldmine

We've all got concepts and they can be a very useful teaching tool, but most remain virtually unused.
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