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The Role of Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

Even during the school holidays! Optimo is offering the Ultimate Co-Curricular Solution. Embracing the expansion and development of becoming
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What Do Road Intersections and Music Have In Common?

Many years ago I lived in major city and chose to buy a house in one of the outer
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Embracing Cultural Change

Change. Some cope with it better than others. Negative feelings surrounding change can include thoughts like: What’s the matter
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So What Are You Inheriting?

Well when it’s September in Australia, as any AFL fans out there know, it’s finals season! Ultimately two teams
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The Importance of Setting Up Your String Instruments

If you have ever spent any time around a string repair workshop, you would no doubt have heard about
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Completed Your Degree and Feeling Like A Failure

How many of us are working in our chosen field after we graduate from our tertiary studies? The better
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Dangers of Infection

Health benefits of maintaining school instruments is now paramount  Having inspected tens of thousands of school instruments while doing
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What makes a library?

Performing Arts Library & Academic Library Why they are so different and should be kept separate by Yvonne Lang
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Maintain your sense of sustainability

The recent election in Australia has shown that climate change is one of the major concerns facing our children
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Are you getting paid for your creations?

Copyright The vexed question of copyright is one that can’t be avoided and nor should it be. Copyright is
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