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So What Are You Inheriting?

24th April 2023

Well when it’s September in Australia, as any AFL fans out there know, it’s finals season! Ultimately two teams will fight it out on Grand Final Day for the chance to hold up that premiership cup and take home the flag for the season. Here is the story of an excellent example of ‘when inheriting is really a great thing’!

When Chris Scott took over as the head coach of the Geelong Cats in 2011, he inherited a star-studded line up of players with strong Finals experience. Geelong had already won premierships in 2007 and 2009, and were looking to continue their run of wins. In 2011, Chris Scott coached Geelong to its 3rd Grand Final in 5 years and to win a premiership as a first year Club Senior Coach was a feat not previously achieved since 1997. Since then Geelong have made numerous appearances in the Finals.

Not to take anything away from Chris Scott, but there is NO doubt he inherited a winning team!

So what about your first day in the new job? Did you pick up a great inheritance?

Or did you inherit a big mess that should have been sorted out a long time ago?

Earlier this year we received an email from a prominent school which read:

I have just been appointed as Director of Music at this school. Unfortunately, I find I have inherited an ‘unholy mess’ and I (We) need your help. My previous school uses Optimo, so I am very familiar with what it does. Please have someone call me at your earliest convenience to discuss possible solutions.

So what did you inherit?

Let us help you sort through the disaster and enable you to kick the goals. Contact us today.

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